Cityzen Sciences

Cityzen Sciences is a French company created in 2008 which specializes in smart textiles conception and development. Smart textiles are embedded with micro-sensors enabling them to monitor temperature, heart rate, speed and acceleration as well as to geolocalise.

Cityzen Sciences leads a textile industrial project carried out by a consortium of companies and strongly supported by BPI France : Smart Sensing. The project mission is to create, conceptualize and develop the French smart textiles industry.

Our mission is to insure the success of our partners and clients in the development of connected textile products, tailored according to their needs, their products and their values.

Combining a technological advance recognized the world over to a cross-cutting vision of uses, Cityzen innovates in the field of data-collection and management through integrated solutions involving sensors, smart devices and the related big data management.

Thanks to ourmultidisciplinary team and our network of international partners, we are always one stepahead of the game. Our customersbenefitfromthis expertise to develop unique products and services, redefining business models and offers.

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Smart Sensing Program

Smart Sensing is a French industrial project carried out by a consortium of companies and led by Cityzen Sciences. It brings together French experts from a range of various fields.

With the strong support of OSEO, Smart Sensing aims to embed textiles with cutting-edge technologies in order to provide “smart clothing” products for both professional and amateur sport. Thanks to the micro-sensors embedded within them, the textiles would be “connected” and able to monitor people’s temperature, heart rate, speed and acceleration and so on.

The data produced and collected by the clothes will be used by Cityzen Data to provide a range of services – such as personal coaching – to professional athletes as well as to amateur ones. These services will be developed in partnership with sporting clubs.

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