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Cityzen Sciences

Cityzen Sciences has been created in 2010 and has asserted itself on the international scene as the leader of the industrial project called Smart Sensing. After four years, the industrial project, which has largely demonstrated its effectiveness in Research and Development, has taken a further step: every company has regained its autonomy.

Cityzen Sciences is developing a Business to Business approach and sells the use of its technology to brands or companies which integrate it within their own products.

Health, well-being and sports are the first sectors targeted by Cityzen Sciences.

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Our mission

  • Cityzen Sciences is an innovation catalyst. Our mission is to ensure the success of our partners and customers accompanying them through important milestones, from the definition of the product to its commercialization.
  • Combining a worldwide recognized technological advance with a transverse vision of uses, Cityzen Sciences innovates in regards to data collection and mining thanks to integrated solutions with innovative sensors, smart devices and a specific big data management.
  • Thanks to our multidisciplinary staff and our network of international partners, we are always a step ahead of the game.
  • Our customers use our expertise to develop unique products and services by changing both business models and offers.
  • With Cityzen Sciences, your company reaches a new dimension of products and services in the digital economy and assures itself a key position in the world of tomorrow.

Cityzen Sciences

Value proposition

With Cityzen Sciences, your company gains access to a new dimension of products and services within the digital economy and secures a key place in the world of tomorrow. Our know-how includes:

    1. A patented technological solutions platform: from sensor miniaturization and integration to communication and data management.
  1. A technological and conceptual lead over competitors.
  2. Specific customized solutions based on marketing and business model analysis tailored to your sector.
  3. Value creation beyond the product thanks to the exploitation of services surrounding the collected data.
  4. Creation of services and products tailored to each customer.
  5. A multidisciplinary and international staff provided to understand your needs and match your expectations.
  6. Transparent partnership: IP, ASIC, transfer of skills.

Cityzen Data

Cityzen Sciences & Cityzen Data

  • Cityzen Data collects and stores the data produced by our technology, providing a secure, scalable and open platform for handling massive amounts of sensor readings.
  • Cityzen Data uniquely handles data as geo-time series, which enables us to react faster than our competitors. Our platform exposes the collected information through a rich API containing a plethora of functions, key to the fast delivery of complex services.
  • The platform also contains built-in sharing mechanisms, enabling the growth of an application ecosystem with which our customers can share their personal data in a controlled way.

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